HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From The fruits of you Labors

We are all thinking of you on this your day.  Given the constraint of you being on the other side of the world, we collectively and individually worked to bring together those thoughts, feelings, images, and expressions of love, faith, and testimony that you have so dilligently and lovingly cultivated in each of us.  As you can see here some of the fruits of your labors and truly the harvest is great. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hip-Hap-Hippy-Happy Birthday MOM!!

So i was hoping to be able to tell you happy birthday in the language spoken in Cambodia, but after searching on the internet for like 15 min trying to find something i gave up and realized that it doesn't really matter what language i say it in as long as you realize that i hope that your birthday is truly filled with happiness! And how couldn't it be! You're serving the Lord and what a joy that brings into your life! I know that as i have read your emails and seen your pictures that you are touching the Cambodian people and i want you to know that your experiences touch me daily. I am so grateful to have the knowledge of the restored gospel that i have and to have such a loving mother that has taught me from a young age truths of right and wrong, and for shaping my heart after hers. I know that this gospel is true. I will never be able to deny that. And i can not begin to express my happiness knowing that you are dedicating your life fully at this time for the Savior. I know that he will continue to guide and protect you and bless you continually!
All my Love and a huge UCKA-MUCKA!!

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