HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From The fruits of you Labors

We are all thinking of you on this your day.  Given the constraint of you being on the other side of the world, we collectively and individually worked to bring together those thoughts, feelings, images, and expressions of love, faith, and testimony that you have so dilligently and lovingly cultivated in each of us.  As you can see here some of the fruits of your labors and truly the harvest is great. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lavinia's Musings

Dear Mom,
There is nothing like being a mother that makes you appreciate YOUR mother! As I look back on my nine years of motherhood and having borne five children in almost exactly the same timescale – and at the same comparative age, I REALLY appreciate how great of a mother you are! I more and more often find myself reflecting on my childhood – and specifically the blessing of being your daughter, and being raised in our family. Of all the things you could have given us – a loving, Christ centered home is by for the most important. The fruits of your LIVING your testimony kindled mine, and in turn is kindling that of my children. Besides being a great teacher of the gospel, you are a great liver of it. Your daily personal scriptures study and prayer, and insisting on daily family scripture study and prayer (which are two of the most vital of all family activities), serving faithfully in all your callings and being kind and selfless – truly charitable - were daily examples of your commitment to the Savior.
Of all the things, though, that I have witnessed you do to live the gospel, going on this mission is the most exemplary. I am old enough to understand somewhat how difficult is must have been to leave – with so much unfinished business, children to support and counsel, grandchildren to love, a new house, the dream of being “settled” delayed again and again. Yet, you left all of that behind in the hands of the Lord and went to serve in such a far away, culturally different, isolated place to “go where He [wanted you] to go.” That – and enduring all of the trials that have come your way while there – shows me how much you love the Lord. What a legacy you are leaving! The fruits of your testimony have only begun to surface and I am confident that we will reap the blessings for generations to come!
I know that Jesus is the Christ – that He is the Only Begotten of the Father. I know He provided us the perfect example as well as the way back to live with our Father again. I know that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet and he restored the true church. I know that through divine inspiration he translated the Book of Mormon, and that it is true! My life has been infinitely blessed by its teachings. I know through ordinances made available in Holy Temples, our relationships we cherish in our families can be perpetuated into the eternities – that through our faithfulness, we can all be together forever.

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